United We Stand

Fact: I am a sucker for Hillsong United albums.

Reviewers are being somewhat critical of the group’s latest effort – United We Stand – because it follows the same old, tired worship formula. But I happen to like that formula.

Here’s the formula: Start with a couple of high energy rock songs followed by 30 minutes of worshipful ballads. Fill the “slow” part of the album with long instrumental solos and slow, synth pad-heavy transitions to provide time for quietness and contemplation. Then finish with a strong rock anthem that repeats some very simple, short lyrics. Thats all I ask.

I know, I know. They’re a youth band. The lyrics aren’t “deep” enough. Its too energetic and (then) too sappy for folks my age. Blah. Blah. Blah.

If thats what you think, thats fine. Just let me have my new United album every year or so and I promise to only listen to it when I’m alone in the car or out running. I won’t force you to listen if you won’t roll your eyes when I slip on my earbuds.


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