Friday Miscellany

Its been a crazy week. I’ve been out of town for the most part, but I’ve been inundated with hits off of google and technorati showing interest in the churches of Christ and in the Mary Winkler/Matthew Winkler/Nancy Grace story. (Well, “inundated” is a relative word – its been a lot of hits for this site, but probably not a whole lot for some blogs with larger audiences…)

At any rate, if you are one of the people who have stopped by to learn something about the churches of Christ – or of you’re a member of the churches of Christ and, like me, you’ve been doing some self-examination lately – I hope that some of my posts have been helpful. I’m not a leader within our fellowship by any means, just a regular Joe member who is trying to be thoughtful about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

In the meantime, the reports that are beginning to pour in on the issue of global warming are becoming quite unsettling, particularly this one from Time magazine. Even more alarming is the fact that global warming continues to be a divisive political issue, making it unlikely that any consensus will be reached (much less action taken) for some time.

Any enviro-conservatives out there? Is there still a legitimate scientific case to be made that man-made, greenhouse gases aren’t contributing to global warming? Greenland is melting, for cryin’ out loud. What is the explanation for that?

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