Deconstructing Glamour

I continue to be amazed by the thoughtful writing that can be found on the Relevant Magazine site. This week, Relevant is running a piece by Brett Potter on the way the cross deconstructs glamour. Its a very thought-provoking reflection on vanity, the pursuit of beauty, and the way Jesus ought to change the way we think about celebrity culture.

Here’s a sample:

The cross itself is the ultimate deconstruction of glamour—a complete subversion of the very nature of “beauty.” No one would put a crucified man on the cover of People. Yet the cross, ugly by nature as an instrument of torture and Roman imperial control, develops an unearthly beauty when seen as the symbol of God’s forgiveness and grace. This is a beauty more substantial than the illusory ideal held up by our culture; a beauty that cannot be bought. It is this ultimate reversal, Christ’s victory over the way our world operates, that we need to cling to in an age of gloss and glitz.

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