Why I Should Be on the Government Payroll

As concerned citizens, I’m sure all of you will be glad to know that presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton and ex-ran-for-something-one-time Joe Lieberman are hard at work making sure that your tax dollars are being put to good use.

Specifically, said Senators have now proposed the CAMRA Act, which is wonkish shorthand for “The Children and Media Research Advancement Act.” CAMRA proposes to give $90 million – thats right $90 million – to the Center for Disease Control to perform research on the question of whether video games are harmful to kids.

How about Hillary and Joe give me HALF that amount and I will give them the answer right now: “Yes, if parents let their kids play too much without supervision. No, if they play age appropriate games in moderation.” Not that they will care, but, as a bonus, I will also tell them: “No, the government cannot regulate the video and computer game industry in a way that is even vaguely constitutional.”

I’m guessing that Hillary and Joe will not take me up on this offer (even with the bonus legal opinion). And thats fine. After all, there’s nothing better for the CDC to do with $90 million is there? I would hate to see the money wasted on AIDS research or cancer prevention…

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