I’ve added Dwight Schrute’s blog to my Bloglines roll. I’ve also published it on my sidebar. Dwight hasn’t posted in about a month now, but I sure hope he gets back to it soon. If you have ever heard his “We are Warriors!” speech, you know that he is clearly – like – the greatest salesman ever!

Also, a few days ago, someone emailed me about whether I had a playlist set up on Yahoo! Music Engine, my internet music source of choice. I can’t figure out how to publish my playlists on YME or Launchcast. However, you can now listen to an internet radio station that is based loosely on my tastes at the Launchcast site. It will play a generous selection of songs that I have selected to go on the station, along with a variety of other Christian pop-ish, rock-ish stuff that may not quite be my thing. I think it may even be slipping in some (gasp!) mainstream stuff as well. Not sure.

If you have the Yahoo! Music engine, you can find it here: http://yme.music.yahoo.com/ymeNav/lc/profile/1793180487

If you want to listen to it out of your browser on the Launchcast site, instead of downloading the YME, you can do so here: http://music.yahoo.com/lc/?rt=0&rp1=0&rp2=1793180487

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