Digital Vomit and Sadistic Flash

I’m still straining away at the last post in the Kingdom and the Law series. My aim is to make it a semi-coherent rambling, which is about two steps up from the directionless babble that has characterized the rest of the series. But, guess what? Its hard work blogging about legal crud because – dude! – its, like, complicated and stuff.

Its probably pointless to try and finish that series at all. Reading through it today, I decided that I pretty much caused everyone to (justifiably) go “huh?!” about halfway through the first post. But I’ve got this OC thing about finishing it. I guess it contains some things I want to get out of my system, and I think I’m going to feel better once its all out. In that sense, maybe its a sort-of digital vomit.

So just humor me when it goes up later this weekend, will you? Skip it or skim it. Roll your eyes the minute it appears on your screen. Whatever you want to do. I promise to come up with something more fresh and relevant once I’m done with my compulsive purging.

In the meantime, to give you something else to do, I suggest you try this funny, but sadistically twisted Flash game, courtesy of a link that my dad sent me tonight. (Dad, by the way, is an old school Republican – so this should tell you something about his generous sense of humor).

Go on – hit the link, now and play for a while. Trust me, its much better than my next post.

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