Friday TV Madness

Thanks to the miracles of TiVo and iTunes, I have been able to follow the plots in a few prime-time shows during the last few months. As such, in an effort to push the borders of shallow content in this space into totally new, unexplored territory, lets play a game:

Which of the following statements is not connected to an actual plotline in a TV show that is currently on the air, either in syndication or in first run?

a. Buckley’s angel hasn’t been seen in several years.
b. Gaius doesn’t have a chip in his brain after all – so how does one explain his strange visions?
c. In spite of her fragile, insecure personality, Susan repeatedly proves herself to be every bit the skank that Edie ever was.
d. We are beginning to learn that Nelson is typical of bullies – he is using mean-spirited humor and actions to hide deep pain arising out of failed, parental relationships.
e. Kira has just been attacked by one of “them.” Will she survive? Will she become a hybrid?
f. After the incident involving Tony, will Kate ever find a way to win back the heart of Michael?
g. When will we learn more about the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Brennan’s parents?
h. Is there any limit to Dwight’s capacity for kissing up to his superiors at the paper company?
i. At the current rate, Earl isn’t going to finish his list any time soon.

Good luck. Though, I’m not sure what you’ll be proving if you are right – other than the fact that you and I watch way too much TV.

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