Grief and Hope

Today, our our faith community is grieving over the loss of Kerri Lane, a mother of two beautiful young girls. Kerri was diagnosed with melanoma some months ago, and I am told that she succumbed to the illness last night.

We’re all reacting differently. Grant is feeling sucker punched. Mike, our preaching minister, imagines her now, free from illness, dancing with God. Val, wisely speaking with few words, offers only a few lines of verse.

In my own thoughts, I am drawn to a discussion that Sheila and I had last night, before we had received the news. We talked about how to know Jesus is to long for his coming. This world is ravaged with decay and signs of mortality. Everything that is good ends. Mothers – wonderful, loving mothers – end. The promises of scripture, though they seem far off at times like this – promises to make everything new – the world, our flawed personalities, Kerri’s once healthy, beautiful body – seem almost too good to be true.

Yet God has made few things more clear to us in scripture: “Yes,” Jesus tells us, “My reward is with me. I am coming soon.”

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

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