A New Beccaism

Those of you who know our six year-old daughter will appreciate this post. The rest of you can safely skip this, as you won’t have enough context to find this very funny.

Today, after Bible class, Becca’s teacher tracked down Sheila to let her know that we can now add another Beccaism to our list of funny/silly things she has said. And – trust me here – this one is a classic.

The story this morning had to do with Noah’s ark. At the end of the lesson, the teacher asked the kids to describe for her what they thought the people in the ark said when God opened the door after bringing it to rest.

There was a predictable array of answers, of course: “At last we can go outside again!” or “Thank you God for keeping us safe” etc.

However, in the middle of the answers, Becca put her hand up high in the air and proclaimed, very loudly and confidently, that the inhabitants of the ark said: “God, you rock!”

Just thought everyone would want to know this. Today, Becca learned that God rocks.

Later, dudes.


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