Whats Wrong With This Picture?

Carlton Pearson, a pastor at a family church in Tulsa, has lost 90% of the members of his church because he has professed a belief in “universalism” – a doctrine which holds that all people will eventually be saved from hell. Buses from his church have also been banned from the campus at Oral Roberts University, where he apparently attended undergraduate school.

Say what you like about universalism. There are strong arguments against it, I know. But – as I’ve observed before – there are also some intriguing, scripturally based arguments in favor of it.
So, say what you like. But it really bugs me that issues like this end up causing Christians to disassociate with each other. We’re all trying to be disciples of Jesus – maybe, along the way, some of us “understand” things more correctly than others. So what? Our main task is to imitate Jesus in the way we live, not agree on who will be in and out of hell.

Am I being overly simplistic? Why can’t we all just get along?

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