Christ Revealed (Again)

Those of you who are Highland people migt be interested to know that, next Sunday, Sheila and I will be starting a seven week series entitled Christ Revealed: Rediscovering the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The series will be done in the Abundant Journey class.

We are convinced that, regardless of how you interpret some of the more difficult symbols in this book, it also contains a message for Christians throughout all of history. We’ll make a brief detour through the difficult stuff and talk about our perspectives on it – but most of what we will do is focus on the universal message of the book. It is a message in which Jesus calls us to be “faithful witnesses” for him, even though we may be tempted to compromise our faith with the powers-that-be and/or our culture.

I did this series by myself in another class last Fall. Its going to be great to have Sheila join me this time. She is just awe-struck by the images in this book, and I think she is going to help the class to experience, rather than simply study this text.

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