Methodist for a Day

Every year, I am a member of the Churches of Christ for 364 days. For one day, however, I get to be a Methodist.

Tonight, we made our newly traditional trek to St. Paul United Methodist in Abilene to attend their Christmas Eve service. It was wonderful. There is something very beautiful about Methodism. Its power is that it feels both evangelical and liturgical at the same time. It is deeply reverent and yet relevant at the same time.

We lit candles, took communion, sang Christmas carols, recited scripture and other liturgy, and listened to a message about how Jesus is present in all of the people in the world who need our help. There was even a small “Children’s church” segment. Everyone smiled and laughed. We felt right at home.

My only problem was resisting the urge to raise (or at least stretch out) my hands during a couple of hymns. But quiet restraint seemed so much more appropriate in this context. We’ll get around to being a little more charismatic when the Passion Week gatherings come along in a few weeks…

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