My Film Career

My son’s friend is making a movie, and – for some reason – he wants to cast me a a hitman. I’m thinking about doing it, provided I can go with an appropriately Schwartegenerrian feel: mirror shades, jeans, lather jacket, shotgun, and one really good, tough sounding line delivered at just the right moment. What do you think? Should I go for it?

In the meantime, Age of Empires III is exceeding my expectations in terms of its performance on our aging systems. Its running in a window on my 2.x Mhz computer with a 128 MB Ge-Force 2 card, and it runs pretty respectably on our other system, which is WAY below the recommended system requirements. We’ve already played about three hitch-free network games against the computer on Easy difficulty, and we’re about to play one at the next step up.

Lastly, but far from least, I was blessed this morning by a presentation from Angie Martin in our bible class. Angie made a fantastic, scripture-filled talk on prayer, which she concluded with a moving blessing that she spoke over our class. Her gentle, joyful spirit are a source of life to her family and great refreshment to others around her, including myself.

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