What if…

A small list of “what ifs” for those of you who, like me, are a part of the traditions of the American restoration movement

What if…
…the church depicted in the New Testament never really got things “right” themselves?
…we were put here not to re-capture something old that has been lost, but to continue building on something that came before us?
…we thought more about the possiblities of our future than whether we are doing things the same way they were done in the past?
…instead of teaching our children the importance of continuing to do things the way we do them, we emphasize to them the need to let God carry them into whatever future he has planned?
…we read the Pauline epistles and the accounts of the church’s early (and checkered) history in light of Jesus’ teachings, instead of vice versa?
…the answers to who we should become are more readily found in the prophecies of Isaiah than in the history of Acts?
…we could find a way to honor the best things about those who came before us in the Restoration movement, while also continuing in their work – which was ultimately the pursuit of the Kingdom of God?
…the best way to honor those who came before us is the listen, as they did, to the voice of God, as it calls us also into something revolutionary and exciting?

Just wondering.

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