What is the Gospel?

I’ve been following Scott McKnight‘s series on What is the Gospel with great interest. Here is a part of a recent post, addressing the hyper-individualistic approach to the gospel:

Hyper-individualism is the most selfish thing we can do with the gospel. To turn what God is doing in this world exclusively into what he is doing for me is to turn God upside down and stand ourselves up in God’s place. The gospel is not about me, but about what God is doing — and the “me” comes in as part of what God is doing. This difference is not a little matter.

I have probably already worn this issue to death in some of the things that I wrote in the Untangling the Gospel series, but what Scott is trying to put into words here is probably one of the most important realizations I have come to in recent years: The “gospel” is not about me, but about how I can be involved in what God is doing.

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