Age of Empires III

Yesterday, I mentioned that Age of Empires III (a PC game) will be in stores in a few days.

I’ve been waxing nostalgic lately about the Age of Empires series. The original AoE was the game that Levi and I cut our real time strategy teeth on. I still remember loading up this game on the networked computers at our old house and playing with this six year-old boy who was already quite adept at real-time strategy military tactics.

The game included a cooperative mode, and we usually played against the computer. I would run the economy – building up a healthy flow of resources, and he would create an army to either hold off or crush our automated opponents. Often, rather than going for a military victory, we would try to win the economic side of the game by building and defending a wonder of the world.

Some fathers take their sons fishing. Some go hunting. Some play football.

Levi and I were the undisputed rulers of the ancient world by the time he was 8.

We would do the same thing a few years later when AoE II, which focused on medieval history, was released. And since that time, we have also played our share of Starcraft, Warcraft III, Rise of Nations, and other real-time titles. But those early experiences playing the original AoE are the ones that stand out.

AoE III will focus on early American history. And assuming that it runs on both of our aging, but still functional PCs (and it looks like it probably will), the time will soon come for us to re-visit one of our favorite father-son pastimes.

Our own American Revolution begins in about five days.

(For the benefit of all of you non-gamers out there, I promise to get back to something less nerd-ly in the next post).

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