A Night at Freedom Fellowship

Our family had a great time yesterday at the inaugural night of the Freedom Fellowship Church, a ministry of Highland in South Abilene. We arrived too late for most of the set-up, due to a late afternoon soccer game, but we still got to spend a lot of time visiting and sharing some burgers with folks from the neighborhood.

And the kids! Lots of kids, especially preschoolers from the neighborhood. It was worth the trip across town just to watch our kids (Becca especially) play with their new friends.

During the worship time, a lot of people chose to stay outside to continue to eat and visit, and – for the most part – our family did the same. We ate burgers, talked to folks, and then bussed tables and helped clean up. Sheila and the kids also helped to put together some “take home” boxes for our neighbors.

The whole night had the same feel that I had during our mission trip in Fort Worth this summer. It isn’t so much one community coming in and doing something for another community – its more like a new community is being formed: one that is comprised of everyone, both from the neighborhood and Highland. It is unique and reflective of Kingdom-life in its own way, and it was really neat to be a small part of that experience.

I don’t pretend to be a very good judge of this sort-of thing, but it seems to me that the Freedom Church team, led by Joe and Becky Almanza – our community ministers – put together an incredible evening.

It was tiring for everyone, but I think that most of us are ready to do it again soon.


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