Back from NY

Went on a quick overnight trip to New York yesterday and had no internet access due to some incompatabilties between my borrowed laptop and my wireless G card, so I wasn’t able to post.

I saw lots of cool stuff on the upper west side last night: Juliard, the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park, about 200 residences that all look like the place where the Huxtable family (of Cosby fame) lived, tons and tons of energetic Columbia students, an amazing Barnes and Noble (four floors and an internet cafe full of students on the top floor!), a Sesame Street style playground, the NYSE, and the Trump Building (where I attended a deposition, but – thankfully – was not offered a chance to be an apprentice).

Didn’t see the twin towers site, though I thought about going.

One of my cab drivers – a man who appeared to be of Arabic descent – had a little sign hanging off his his mirror that says “I (heart) Jesus”. How many stereotypes does THAT break?

Lots of homeless people (especially in Central Park). Some appeared to be mentally ill, some just down on their luck. New York must have a massive homeless population.

One of the best burgers I’ve ever had from a little hole-in-the-wall joint called “Nicks”.

And a dumpster covered, of all things, with several “Dallas Cowboys” stickers.

What a cool, strange, scary, wonderful, exhilirating, crowded, noisy, expensive, occasionally disturbing, diverse place that is.


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