Whatever Happened to the Kingdom of God?

Beyond question, the most prominent subject in the teachings of Jesus is the Kingdom of God. Its arrival was announced through John the Baptist, and its message was immediately taken up by Jesus when John was imprisoned.

It is a concept that appears in virtually every book in the New Testament, and it is a prominent theme in The Revelation. Every Sunday, many of us pray, as Jesus taught us, for the Kingdom to “come”.

Its presence (and, oddly, also its imminent arrival) was announced by the Prophets.

So here is what I am wondering about today: Whatever happened to the Kingdom? How many books involve this theme as their focus? How many sermons or bible class series have examined what the Kingdom is all about? Have folks become so focused on the idea of “church” as the vehicle of God’s presence in the world that we have forgotten about this concept? And how could something like that happen?

For all that maters, what IS the Kingdom of God? And why was it so important (seemingly all-important) to Jesus?

If none of these questions interest you, you might want to find another blog to read for the next few weeks, ’cause the occasionally coherent blatherings that you find in this space are about to turn to that subject.


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