Computer Problems


Today, I need to whine.

The casing around the LCD screen on my notebook computer began to break apart yesterday – I think because a hinge that opens and closes the display stopped…er…hinging. Sam’s Club is going to do warranty work on the computer, but it will take several days to send it off and get it back. In the meantime, my dad has been gracious enough to entrust his laptop to me as a replacement.

I realized this morning that I am utterly dependent on my little computer to get any work done. A colleague once told me that I hold onto that thing like it is a security blanket. And – based on my experiences from the last 24 hours – I’m going to continue to do that. Call me “Counselor Linus”.

Worse yet, getting all of my “stuff” moved onto a new computer proved to be a headache-inducing nightmare, and I’ve probably lost a full day of work getting things sorted out. I’ve been completely engrossed in setting up wireless cards that don’t want to connect, installing email software that isn’t readily downloadable, getting files moved off of backup stuff and onto the new computer (on a network that REFUSES to stay connected), locating disks, setting up internet software, and installing printers.

The people at Microsoft tech support know me by name. They ask me how my kids are doing when I call. Its pitiful.

And here’s the thing that really amazes me. I consider myself to be semi-literate when it comes to Windows-based computing. How do those with low levels of computer literacy ever survive a transition like this? (Maybe part of the answer is that they are smart enough not to become as dependent on technology as I am ).

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