Katrina’s Ugly Politics

The same, predictable rhetoric that has characterized the last two decades of American politics is beginning to surface in connection with the Katrina crisis. On the right is the blame-the-victim crowd. On the left is the blame-the-government crowd.

Both sides overstate their points for maximum spin, although I find some truth behind what each side is saying.

But my concern today is this: both approaches also threaten to disengage people from assisting victims by suggesting that someone else should have or should be taking care of the problem.

And, for that reason, I’m a little angry about what I’m hearing from both sides. I just spent about an hour composing a lengthy entry on this subject that I subsequently trashed because it read like the incoherent rantings of a politically illiterate forty year-old.

Instead, I just want to say this to all of my liberal and conservative-minded friends out there:

Now is not the time for blame games. We’ll talk about the negative effects of the welfare system on our inner cities another time. We’ll talk about the impact of National Guard deployments in Iraq on the government’s seemingly slow response time to Katrina on another day.

Right now, lets not be distracted by politics as usual. Lets just help: with time, money, expertise. Whatever you have.

If you can’t think of any other reputable place to send your money, here are a couple of places that I trust:

The American Red Cross
World Vision


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