The Spirituality of Blogging

In this document, entitled We Know More than Our Pastors, Tim Bednar discusses the spirituality of blogging.

The title is intentionally provocative. Bednar isn’t really trying to ‘dis the knowledge that formal, spiritual leaders bring into our faith communities. He is just saying that a community of lay people, writing and sharing their own knowledge and experience in their blogs, can develop a collective wisdom among themselves that is superior to that which can be provided by a single minister or pastor.

Here are a few highlights:
– Blogging can be spiritual discipline
– Blogging is great because it is conversation: people can test ideas and change their minds rather than assume formal, doctrinal “positions”
– Blogging builds community by giving everyone a chance to provide input on ideas
– The participatory nature of blogging means spiritual formation occurs for everyone
– In a healthy blogging community, truth gathers strength and untruth, while present, tends to fade (“We believe that truth is discovered as we live, link, and blog in community.”)
– Because blogging occurs outside formal, denominational structures, there is no pastor or shepherd “overseeing” the conversation. Thus, there is a “priesthood of all bloggers.”

Cool, cool stuff. And it resonates very strongly with my own experiences.


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