Of Bad Heaven, Parental Smooching, and Other Nonsense

A few random tidbits from life during the past few days:

In support of my argument that the subject of hell (or at least the word itself) has been completely ignored in my faith community and in my own life, my five year-old daughter observed the other day that, after they die, bad people end up in “bad heaven.” She apparently got some of the description right: fire, punishment, etc., but she didn’t have any other word to describe what it is. Later, Sheila and I observed that our back room, which is exposed to a lot of very intense sunlight during the early morning hours was “hotter than bad heaven.”

Ah, yes! Another cute phrase to add to our family’s lexicon of insider jokes.
Before kissing me last Sunday night, Sheila warned Levi, our fourteen year-old son, not to look.

“Yeah, like I’d look anyway,” he replied, somewhat disgusted.

I consider Sheila and I to be equally responsible for his delightful sense of cynicism.
Advance sales have begun on X-Box 360 bundles. I’d like to say that I’m excited, but I’m not sure that any of the launch titles are attractive enough to cause me to start saving my money just yet, especially with the price tag that will go with both the system and the games. That only leaves three months for the Microsoft marketing machine to sell me on this thing.

Anyone want to lay odds on how likely it is they will succeed?
A really good excerpt from Don Miller’s Blue Like Jazz has been published on Christianity Today’s web site. If you haven’t read the book, you should go sample this particular chapter, which has to do with a bizarre confession booth, and an even more bizarre series of confessions that followed.

What happened is a model for what the Christian churches in America should be doing in our culture for the next decade or two.
Raise your hand if you’re excited to see what Demarcus Ware and Roy Williams are going to do to NFL offenses this Fall.
Has anyone else seen this? You gotta admit, no matter where you come down on the Iraq war issue, this one makes you stop and think.
Relevant Magazine, one of my semi-daily stops on the web, has had a new beta site up and running for several days now. I really like it.

Great, deep content. Cool looks. And a very honest, real attitude. I wish people would describe me that way.


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