Brand New Soul

If any of you are Christian music fans, you will probably recognize at least one or two songs by a band named Daily Planet. The band’s first album, Hero, which was released about 3 years ago, was highly acclaimed, and it looked like the group would be around for a long time. Then, Jesse Butterworth, the band’s lead singer, broke his leg after – I believe – jumping off of an amp during a concert, and the group soon broke up.

About a year after the band broke up, our family started listening to Hero, and every last one of us – right down to our five year-old – have been fans of the band’s unique blues-rock sound ever since.

A few days ago, while searching for Butterworth’s web site, I stumbled across a great little gem. Butterworth, I learned, is now a worship leader at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Washington. Better yet, three independent songs by Butterworth – all studio quality – are available for download for free on OCC’s site.

So…here is my advice for the day: run, don’t walk, to the OCC site, linked above, and download/listen to Brand New Soul. It is just a really, really great song about what it means to find life and about all of the places where it isn’t. The chorus explores the paradox of spiritual life: it is both within us (“Inside you/you’ll find you”) and without (“Outside you/you’ll find you”), and paints a beautiful picture that seems to explore the nature of how our baptism reshapes us.

If you have time, check out the recordings from the OCC Illuminate worship services as well. They are not very good quality, but I’m pretty sure they showcase some of Butterworth’s worship music. I listened to one of them today while I was running, and found myself wishing I could have been there when it was recorded.


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