Gamer’s Manifesto

I just read a blog entry in the form of a “manifesto for gamers” that is absolutely incredible! The article was linked through, but since it is laced with profanity – I’m not going to link to it directly here out of a desire to keep up the high standards of decency and morality that you have all come to associate with this blog.

Its “R” rated language notwithstanding, the ideas in this manifesto were just incredible. First, FINALLY someone is willing to say that better and better graphics do not make better and better games. Indeed, they hamper originality because when dollars are invested in making spectacular, expensive games, producers and investors are unwilling to take risks on new genres or forms of gameplay.

Second, the blogger expressed frustration at how long it takes to get in and out of games. Think about it: why is it so tempting to load up a game like solitaire? Becuase its easy to load, easy to unload – and can provide a quick experience.

A quarter of gamers are over fifty now! We have wives, families, jobs, kids. We’re lucky if we can find thirty minutes to play at the end of the day. If we have to hunt down a CD, wait for a program to boot, watch three minutes of corporate logos, and then wait another minute or two for our saved game to load, is it really worth our while to sit down and play?

I’ve been playing Star Wars: Galaxies lately, but MMORPGs are just out of my league. I can’t devote the time – on a regular basis – to play a game like this. The load times are horrendous, and the time it takes just to travel around the game worlds is unbelievable.

I’m all for dumbing down graphics in favor of short/instant load times and quick, satisfying gameplay experiences.

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