Jazz Was Never So Blue

I’ve been taking some time off this week, and during that time, I’ve been reading through Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. I picked it up last week because I had heard a lot of good things about it from a lot of different people, and I have not been disappointed.

Authenticity. That is what I love about this book. It is a book about faith in the midst of postmodern culture, about the struggles that Miller has experienced, and about the way he has responded to those struggles. Miller is unflenchingly honest, particularly about his shortcomings. But, it is out of those places – places of weakness – that he has encountered the power of the Kingdom.

Although he is very well-read, Miller doesn’t dispense the Yoda-like wisdom of a Dallas Willard or C.S. Lewis. Nor is he a powerful storyteller, akin to Eldredge or Lucado. He’s just real. And honest. And all about living in the moment.

I’ll probably post some samples from the book at a later point. The danger, frankly, for the next few days, is that Donald Miller quotes will take over this blog. He has so much more to say that is worthwhile than I do.

In the meantime, has anyone else been blown away by the hits that the new Pope is taking in the media? I realize that the Pope is not a politician, but at least a new President gets 100 days or so before people start evaluating his performance. I’ve been left speechless at the way the American media is running story after story suggesting that he will not advance certain social agendas that are consistent with leftward-oriented politics. None of the media outlets seem to have anything positve to say about this guy.

Whats up with that?


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