A Small Window

“We are in a season of church history where we face a small window of time
for real and lasting change. A window for revolution in the modern Christian
mindset and in the traditional practices of the modern church. A window that
Christians 1,000 years from now (should Jesus tarry, of course) can turn
their heads back to and behold the beginning of a drastic paradigm shift
from an old leaking wineskin to a new wineskin hand-crafted by the Spirit of

But note . . . that window will eventually close. And it will close soon.”

Do these words from Frank Viola have your attention? If so, you need to read the article that he has published on the question of whether the emerging church will fully emerge. It can be found here.

I am particularly fascinated with his discussion about how the clergical system of organizing “church” is still a primary barrier to full emergence. Intriguing thoughts, but disturbing at the same time. And I’m even more fascinated with the question of whether the so-called “superchurches” – such as Highland – could/should survive under a post-clergical model.

Also, those who share in my restorationist heritage should not miss his discussion about the value of the narrative of the first century church. In some ways, it sounds very familiar, doesn’t it?


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