Pick Me! Pick Me!

On our way home from Oasis (Highland’s Wendesday night gathering) tonight, we drove past a flag that was flying at half mast. Thinking that this would serve as a great teaching opportunity, I asked my two younger girls (Lexi, 7 and Becca, 5) if they knew why the flag was flying only half-way up the pole.

Neither of them knew, and, immediately breaking into full-out “homeschool dad” mode, I proceeded to explain that this was done because the Pope had recently died. Lexi asked who the Pope was, and I explained that he was the leader of the Catholic church. I then went on to point out that, in a few days, they will select a new leader.

Becca instantly chimed in: “Maybe they will pick ME!”

There are at least three problems here. First, Becca is not Catholic. Second, Becca is not a guy. Third, Becca would never. I repeat, never, wear that pointy hat for hours and hours every day. Also, I should point out that, for reasons that still baffle me, we have trouble keeping PANTS on her on Sunday afternoons. Needless to say, given the high-profile nature of the papacy, this could pose significant problems for our brothers and sisters in Rome.

After I pointed out that she wouldn’t qualify for this high position, Becca quickly added that, maybe if she couldn’t be the Pope at least she could be on his TEAM.

Good thinking. I’m going to get to work on that one right away. With any luck, we’ll have Becca and the entire college of Cardinals running around on the fields at the Abilene National Soccer Complex within the next week.

Just one problem, though. I wonder of the our soccer association’s regulations allow players to wear pointy hats…


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