TNIV Now Online

A complete version of the TNIV, the controversial successor translation to the NIV, is now online in its entirety. The primary source of controversy over the TNIV has centered on its attempt to use gender-neutral phrases in place of “male” phrases, where it is clear that – though the original author used a “male” word or phrase (as was appropriate at the time) – the author’s intention was to describe both men and women. Thus, in the place of a reference to “all men,” the TNIV would make reference to “all people,” where it is clear that the author intended to describe both both men and women.

Although I expect that I will probably start using the TNIV shortly, my first close-up look at the TNIV was a negative one. Revelation 1:1, which the NIV translated as the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” has now been rendered the “Revelation from Jesus Christ,” eliminating an ambiguity on the issue of whether Jesus serves as the SOURCE or the SUBJECT of the book. The commentators I have read on this subject suggest that, while the intent may be to refer to Jesus as the SOURCE of the book, the author may also be using ambiguous language here to infer that Jesus is also the SUBJECT of the book. As such, I would prefer to see the ambiguity of the greek passed through to the English (particualrly since it can be done so easily). Unfortunately, for some reason, no one on the TNIV translation committee called me to get my opinion…


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