Tough Week

I’m pausing at work to briefly write this note.

Some of you have probabaly already heard about the automobile accident involving several Highland middle schoolers that occurred last Sunday. One sixth grader was killed in the multiple-rollover accident, and several others were injured, some severely.

Although both of my middle schoolers were on this trip, neither of them were in the suburban that was involved in the accident. My oldest son, Levi, however, was in the van that was following the suburban, and he was a witness to the accident.

I’ve taken a lot of depositions before where I’ve heard stories about these kinds of accidents, and I’ve seen a lot of photos from accident scenes (some very gruesome), but – unlike Levi – I’ve never seen a major accident myself. He seems to be doing okay – he’s talking about it – but your prayers for him and the others who have been affected by this tradgedy would be greatly appreciated.

Our plan is to take the boys who were in the van with Levi to visit their friends, who are recuperating in Fort Worth, on Friday. Your prayers for safe travel and for physical and emotional healing during that trip would also be greatly appreciated.


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