The Crisis of the Evangelical Conscience

The data continues to roll in. Modern evangelical Christians are no better, and sometimes worse, than mainstream Americans in their divorce rates, giving, and premarital sexual activity.

Professor Lamin Sanneh has said that “the cultural captivity of Christianity in the West is nearly complete, and with the religion tamed, it is open season on the West’s Christian heritage.”

When are Christians, on a broader level, going to wake up and understand what has been happening to us for the last fifty years?! Most of us have utterly rejected the notion of discipleship as a necessary component of our faith, in lieu of more comfortable feel-good-about-yourself health-and-wealth beliefs.

This isn’t a small bump in the road. This isn’t something that “we need to work on.” This isn’t something that is “good to be reminded about every once in a while.”

This problem cannot and should not be marginalized. It demands attention, repentance, and self examination in a way that most of us have never experienced.


One Response to The Crisis of the Evangelical Conscience

  1. Or, people are using their own minds more, instead of accepting a gold old fashioned intolerant religious brainwashing.

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