Yes! Hibernation Time!

Had a good Christmas weekend with family in Cisco. Lots of turkey, games, sleep, and football to watch! And plenty of Christmas bounty for the kids. It wasn’t the Norman Rockwell experience from the beginning to end, but, as my last entry indicated, I’m trying to learn how to take Christmas day as it comes, imperfections and all.

Up next: my thrice-annual hibernation week, a time to turn off the ringer, turn on the answering machine, lay back, and decompress from work and responsiblity.

I’d like to say that I’m planning a time of deep, spiritual renewal for the next few days, but then I’d be lying. Truth is, I’m planning on playing Civ III, XBox, and board games with the family until I can’t see straight.

Also thinking about renting Napoleon Dynamite, Dodgeball, and Anchorman. Any other movie recommendations that go in the category of mindless fun?

Stay tuned: I may blog a few times as well.


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