24 Reasons Why Christmas Vacation is my Favorite Chrismas Movie

24 reasons (mostly quotes) why Christmas Vacation is my favorite Christmas Movie. In some cases, I can’t remember it verbatim, but you’ll get the gist of it:
1. “Lord, forgive my husband, for he knows not what he does.”/”Amen!”
2. “We’ll just pass them and leave them safely behind us.”
3. “Look, kids: a deer!”
4. “Its not going in our lawn, son, its going in our living room.”
5. “Clark, Audrie can’t feel her legs!”/”Its all part of the experience, honey.”
7. “Its good. Itsgood. Itsgooditsgooditsgood!”
8. “What can I say? Its Christmas, and we’re all miserable.”
9. “But I can’t swim, Clark!”/”I know that, Eddie.”
10. “That there’s an AARRR-VEEEE.”
11. “…don’t you get to used to seeing it there, ’cause its going with us when we leave here NEXT MONTH.”
12. “This here looks like a quality item.”
13. “Ain’t that just a big surprise? A BIIIIIIIGGG surprise!”
14. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to get you something, too, Clark. Something REEEEALLL NIIICE!” (Don’t forget, this is spoken in a Wal-Mart!)
15. “Worse?! How could it get any worse?! Look around you, honey, we’re on the threshold of Hell!”
16. “My cousin Eddie, here, whose heart is bigger than his brain….”/”I appreciate that, Clark”
17. “This here’s a quality item…”
18. The doorbell announcing the arrival of the grandparents, which, as it continues to ring, sounds increasingly ominous.
19. “Those little lights aren’t twinkling, Clark.”/”I know, and thanks for noticing, Ed.”
20. “Can I get you anything, Eddie? Eggnog? Pretzels? Drive you out in the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?”
21. The electrocuted cat. (I sometimes rewind the DVD to watch this one several times…)
22. “It’s the gift that keeps givin’ the WHOOOOLLLLE YEARRRR ROUNNND, Clark.”
23. “Get me someone on the phone! And get me someone else while I’m waiting!”
24. Clark’s two-minute histrionic tirade about his boss, delivered on the threshold of his living room.


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