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Our family is celebrating Advent this year, and – while researching this particular tradition –  I stumbled across a web site that includes daily scripture readings that can be used throughout the Advent season. Also, there is a liturgy for an Advent service and for a Christmas service, which is specifically designed for American churches.
I’d love to find time to get together with friends and family in a house church sort-of setting to share one of these services, but – as usual – time is a rare commodity during the holiday season.
I’m looking forward to working my way through some (if not all) of these readings, though, either with the family and/or in my own devotional time. I hope it will help us to find a sense of connection not only to our own friends and immediate fellowship, but also to the larger body of believers throughout the world and throughout time who have turned to these (or similar) liturgies for strength and hope during this time of year.


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