Thanksgiving at the Ritchie’s

Thanksgiving was well observed in our house today. Sheila’s brothers and sister, together with their families, came to our home. Mom and dad also appeared for several hours.
There was basketball in the back yard, video games galore in the house, laser tag in both places, turkey, dressing, football on TV (did the Cowboys REALLY win?), and – to end the evening – a rousing game of Taboo (men versus women, of course). We must have worked our way through the entire box of Taboo cards during the last 24 hours!
As a national holiday, I’m beginning to develop the same love/hate relationship with Thanksgiving that I already have with Christmas. Has it become yet another convenient opportunity to make a trite gesture toward heaven as a substitute for the life-long demands of discipleship? For a lot of folks, probably so. But, like Christmas, it can also be a great time for me to relax, to catch up with family, and to reflect on the things that are truly meaningful in life.
On a related note, its unlikely we’ll get much sleep tonight. At 5:00 or so tomorrow morning, most (or all) of the family is off to BOBS, a local ministry – representing a cooperative effort between several churches – that offers a breakfast and sack lunch to the homeless and impoverished of our community.  Sheila has been a part of the BOBS ministry for at least a couple of years now, and she normally takes at least one of the big kids with her when she goes.
I’ve only been once before – but it feels like I’ve been a lot more than that because family members always come home telling stories about their experiences. Hard to believe ANYONE in THIS family could ever have a great experience before 9:00 a.m., but miracles seem to happen at BOBS. I’m looking forward to it.

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