Newsboys: Time to Rock Again, Guys!

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I’m enjoying Devotion, the latest Newsboys’ project, which is a follow-up to their Adoration worship album. I like the way they’ve added their unique musical “attitude” to several familiar worship songs, especially two or three of my favorite Tim Hughes tunes, plus they’ve written a few of their own. (Is it just me, or does “The Orphan” – even with its very moving lyrics – seem a little out of place?)
But – truth be told – I would like to see this group get back to their rock roots next time around with an album that is a little more horizontal in emphasis. Its now been almost two years since I got the album as a Christmas gift, and I still haven’t grown tired of Thrive. Its a terrific album with a strong (often satirical) message about abandoning the things that make us comfortable and safe and living a life that lays it on the line for God. On top of that, its just a really good rock album. It lifts my spirits and challenges me all at the same time.


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