This Tuesday, the American people will once again return to the polling places to elect their leaders for the next two years, possibly changing the course of human history.

I suppose I should be excited (or at least worked up) about the election. However, sadly (but honestly), my attitude about the whole political process this year can be summarized in one word:


Now, on to something more exciting. After I hit the polling place on Tuesday, I’m going to pick up a brand-spankin’ new copy of the Devotion, the Newsboys’ second worship album.

In a typical (albeit a little hokey sounding) marketing move, my local Family Christian Stores is offering 20% off of any purchase if I show up with one of those “I voted today” stickers from my polling place, so I guess that’s where I’ll buy it.

I’ll have to hold my nose when I vote, but I’m hoping the experience will seem worthwhile when I start peeling the plastic off the CD case…


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